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The theme of the international conference is "Innovation solutions in industrial fertilizer production".
The conference was devoted to the most pressing issues and problems in the production of mineral fertilizers, as well as how to solve them. Ways and methods of increasing the economic efficiency and environmental friendliness of the production of ammonia, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate, urea and complex fertilizers were considered.

PARTICIPANTS: Representatives of enterprises manufacturing mineral fertilizers and technical specialists according to the areas of their performance. The total number of participants is 150 people.



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International Conference
SCIF 2021
Energy-saving and Sustainable Operation and Modernization of Chemical Plants

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The Sixth technical online session of discussion club SCIF is devoted to innovative developments for the most efficient and sustainable functioning of chemical plants

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The International Online Symposium SCIF was held on June 23-24, 2021 and was addresses the sustainable development of the chemical industry and the encouragement of eco-friendly production

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The Fifth technical online session of the discussion club SCIF  was devoted to consideration of implementing digital technologies at chemical industry enterprises, as well as to global experience of using digital solutions in production.

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The Fourth technical online session included presentations on the innovative developments of the speaker companies, as well as discussions and experience exchange on the use of modern technologies at existing production facilities.
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The Third technical online session provides a comprehensive review of industrial safety issues, practical examples, exchange of experience and opinions on key safety issues at production enterprises.
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The Second online session included extended discussions on the presentation topics, as well as the exchange of experience and opinions on key aspects of ammonia production and corrosive processes in the production of mineral fertilizers

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The first online technical session was devoted to the experience of the commissioning and the introduction of new technologies on mineral fertilizer production plants under the current restrictions, associated with the spread of coronavirus

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Training activities in system management, minimization and risk management, improving production culture at the TMS RUS training center

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IV Worldwide Congress of Mineral Fertilizer & Pesticide Producers
SCIF 2020

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