SCIF Congress President Leonid Khalimon and Chairman of the Board «Farg’onaazot» JSC Abdupatto Salijanov have signed a meaningful strategic agreement.

Taking into account the common interests of the companies and the advantages of coordinating efforts, it was decided to unite intentions for the further productive development of the production industry of mineral fertilizers, both on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and around the world.

The interaction is based on the capacities of the professional sides of the companies’ activities, which will increase the scientific, technical and innovative potential of the employees of the «Farg’onaazot» JSC, through active participation in industrial technical events organized by the SCIF Congress company.

“Farg’onaazot” JSC is a modern, highly automated enterprise of chemical industry of Uzbekistan that is included in the joint – stock company “Uzkimyosanoat” .The Company is divided into 3 main complexes: production of mineral fertilizers; production of sodium chlorate and magnesium chlorate defoliant; production of cellulose esters and thread acetate.

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