SCIF Congress company represented by President – Leonid Khalimon, and JSC «Navoiyazot» represented by First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Production – Nodira Zhuraeva, signed the Memorandum about cooperation and interaction.

The main goal is to develop the worldwide industry of mineral fertilizers, safety, and ecology of chemical enterprises.

SCIF Congress company is going to cooperate in the frameworks of professional experience as the organizer of scientific-technical events, in order to increase qualification and innovative approach of employees of the leading chemical enterprise – JSC «Navoiyazot».

The cooperation between the companies is aimed to exchange information and joint analysis of industrial development trends in the field of fertilizer production and agriculture, both in the Republic of Uzbekistan and in the worldwide industry.

JSC «Navoiyazot» is a dynamically developing multidisciplinary industrial production complex, holding an international partner status, provides a program of mineral fertilizers, chemical reagents production, and production of other small-tonnage chemical products. Being one of the basic segments of the JSC «Uzkimyosanoat», producing more than 30% volume of all chemical products of Uzbekistan, JSC «Navoiyazot» covers the needs of almost all industries. Such industries as transport, agriculture, fuel & energy complex, and other services, such as trade, science, culture, and education.

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