SCIF Congress Company represented by the President Leonid Khalimon, and “KazAzot” JSC represented by General Director Mauleshev Arman have signed the Memorandum about cooperation and interaction.

Identical views on the development of the worldwide mineral fertilizer industry of the companies lay a foundation for a successful realization of common projects, devoted to maintaining the safety and ecology of chemical enterprises in The Republic of Kazakhstan, and all over the world. 

The signed document will serve as the basis of common efforts, devoted to the integration of the chemical industry in Kazakhstan to the international community of mineral fertilizer producers. Through the implementation of international quality standards, labor protection, and ecological safety will help to influence the competitiveness of enterprises, popularity for investors and society. 

SCIF Congress will comply with actions to develop the scientific-technical potential of the “KazAzot” JSC employees. At the same time, industrial events will be maximally directed on strengthening the international community of mineral fertilizer producers and being the informational resource for discussing key aspects and issues of the industry.

“KazAzot” JSC  is the only one producer of ammonia and ammonium nitrate in The Republic of Kazakhstan. The enterprise was founded in 2005 on the basis of the property complex of the Caspian Mining and Metallurgical Combine, Ministry of Medium Machine Building in the past. 

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