SCIF Congress Company, represented by President Leonid Khalimon, and Meleuz Mineral Fertilizers JSC, represented by General Director Roman Dyak have signed the Memorandum about cooperation and interaction. The main idea of the document is to develop worldwide mineral fertilizer industry, safety and ecology on chemical enterprises.

The signed document will be a foundation of common companies’ powers, devoted to the development of the scientific-technical potential of the employees, and increasing production powers. Nowadays, it is extremely actual as all industries are suffering from the shock of the falling economy, and forecasted losses GDP from quarantine can be up to 5%.


SCIF Congress Company aims:

  • To develop and strengthen cooperation opportunities with representatives of the mineral fertilizer industry, government and research institutes in leading supplier countries;
  • To analyze and provide information about tendencies in development of the fertilizer production and agricultural industry;
  • To highlight economical, production, commercial, environmental and social questions, directly determining the development of the worldwide industry;

    Besides, industrial scientific-technical events held by SCIF Congress Company will be maximally devoted to strengthened international mineral fertilizer producers’ community.

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