SCIF Congres President Leonid Khalimon and President Fwu-Liang Lan of the Industrial Safety and Health Association (ISHA) of R.O.C (Taiwan) have signed a meaningful strategic agreement

Among the key goals of the partnership, we can highlight researching the problems of industrial safety and health at the enterprises of the chemical industry, and the development of new effective methods for the prevention of industrial accidents.

Nowadays all over the world, the positive impact of introducing innovative safety and health of the employees at the enterprises is well recognized by governments and employees, as it helps to reduce hazards and risks, as well as to increase efficiency. SCIF Congress company will handle the current industrial safety topic at the annual Congress of Mineral Fertilizer and Pesticide Producers SCIF. Thanks to many years of experience ISHA will help to provide practical support and assistance for chemical companies. 

Industrial Safety and Health Association (ISHA) of R.O.C (Taiwan) is a prominent organization to promote the development of industrial safety and health in Taiwan by providing corresponding training services, offering diversified technical services, and conducting authorized inspections, etc. With the tight connection with both government agencies and private companies, ISHA comprehends the industry status, advocates the best practices, and continuously innovates to solve the current challenges.

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