On 18 March 2020, SCIF Congress President Leonid Khalimon had a negotiation with Oscar Ozols a Managing Partner of the TMS RUS, which is an exclusive representative of the TÜV SÜD concern in EACU countries. As a result of negotiations, the agreement on long-term strategic partnerships between SCIF Congress and TMS RUS was signed.

The following agreement allows SCIF Congress to increase the professional level of scientific-practical events organization, and to realize a bigger amount of innovative projects. On the other side, participants of industrial SCIF Congress events will have a unique opportunity to receive actual information and consultancy support by the German concern TÜV SÜD, which is a leader in the field of European and national certification, management systems, independent expertise, and audit in the industrial sphere.

TÜV SÜD is a worldwide leader in technical expertise. For 154-year history, TÜV SÜD became one of the world leaders in the certification industry, independent expertise, and audit in industrial safety, technical monitoring, and education. There are 24 500 specialists employed, and 1000 branches all over the world.

TMS RUS holding is representing the TÜV SÜD concern in EACU countries, having an extensive network of subsidiaries, as well as all-important local accreditations, licenses, laboratories with highly qualified staff of experts and exclusive testing equipment. The laboratory has a unique gas mixture feeder, and the biggest dust and noise cameras in EACU. TMS RUS works for conformity confirmation (certification and declaration) in the frameworks of 7 Customs Union technical regulations according to the confirmed accreditation area. This allows providing complex projects of various difficulty, and to optimize the expenses for TMS RUS customers.

EPC successfully realized projects of TMS RUS: project “Amur Gas Processing Plant” (companies: Linde AG, Linde Kryotechnik AG, Maire Tecnimont Group); project “Kingisepp” (company: Linde AG); project “Portovaya” (company: Linde AG); project “ZapSib-2” (company: Technip, Maire Tecnimont Group); project “Yamal LNG” (company: Technip); project Linde AG “Linde Azot Togliatti”, “PJSC LUKOIL”, “PJSC Togliattyazot”, “Arctic LNG 2” (companies: Technip, Linde AG, Novatek).

On the IV Worldwide Congress of Mineral Fertilizer and Pesticide Producers SCIF 2020 in the city of Baku, TMS RUS specialists are intended to share their professional experience in industrial safety requirements implementation, accident-free equipment exploitation, equipment exploitation monitoring, technical service, repair, and building controlling.

Thanks to the SCIF Congress company cooperation, TMS RUS will be able to inform Congress participants how to get the independent mark on production potential, minimize risks, reduce expenses, improve production culture, increase their social responsibility for product quality and ecological safety. The following approach lets companies to achieve active market positions, and stay competitive in the modern business conditions.


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