On December 10 in 2020 the successful holding of the Second technical online session of discussion club SCIF, devoted to the main topic “Sustainable functioning and promising development of nitrogen fertilizer production enterprises in 2021” took place.

The program of the second technical online session covered presentations and active discussion between experts from production enterprises in the frameworks of the main presentation topics.

As the organizer, SCIF Congress company has managed to unite more than 100 technical specialists from 38 chemical industry production enterprises on the one broadcast screen. The session range has raised to an international level, covering more than 12 countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Bulgaria, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Lithia, Israel, and Germany.

More than 300 registered participants took part as viewers and had an opportunity to ask questions according to the presentation topics.

The main goal of the online session was devoted to extended discussions, experience and opinions exchange between participants on the key aspects of ammonia production and corrosion processes in the mineral fertilizer production enterprises.

In the frameworks of ammonia production presentations, the thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions specialists shared modern solutions and innovative approaches in building new enterprises, and reconstruction and modernization of existing enterprises:

  • Increasing capacity of ammonia installations on 30% in individual concept up to 2100 t/s,  Speaker – Dr. Evgeni Gorval, Senior Process Engineer Ammonia and Urea Division, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions;
  • Installation for the ammonia production in a single-line with capacity of 4700 t/s based on proven technologies, Speaker – Alexander Shevchenko, Business Development Manager / Fertilizer division, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions.

As an expert in corrosion processes on chemical enterprises has performed Dr. Alec Groysman, President of Honor of the Association of Chemical Engineers & Chemists in Israel, consultant for materials science and corrosion in the chemical industry, with a presentation:

  • Control of corrosive processes on mineral fertilizer production enterprises: ammonia, carbamide, nitric acid and ammonium nitrate.

Presentation covered the most important aspects on organization of corrosion control, problems and solutions on chemical enterprises in engineering, construction, synthesis, storage and transportation.

The participants highly appreciated the quality of providing presentations, as well as the level of organization of the online session.

We express our special thanks to the General Sponsor  TÜV SÜD, which is one of the leaders in the field of examination, testing and certification, as well as to all Partners of the Second technical online session:

SCIF Congress is always open to cooperation and interaction with experts and industry professionals in the preparation of future technical online sessions.

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