In the strategic program devoted to the development of mineral fertilizer industry SCIF Congress partners become JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant” and JSC “Grodno Azot”.

SCIF Congress appreciates installing close partnership connections with key industrial companies in Belarus. Due to signed documents common actions devoted to the development of the mineral fertilizer industry, meeting the needs of agriculture in fertilizers and their effective application will be organized.

The biggest industrial enterprises in Belarus are honored regular participants of events, held by the SCIF Congress Company. On the IV Worldwide Congress of Mineral Fertilizer and Pesticide Producers SCIF 2020 in Baku, the active part in the discussion of actual issues in the field of technical production aspects, reduction of negative influence on the environment, and industrial safety, will be taken by JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant” and JSC “Grodno Azot”.

JSC “Gomel Chemical Plant” is one of the leading enterprises of the petrochemical industry in Belarus, and the biggest one in the country, producing phosphorus-containing mineral fertilizers. The plant is specialized in the production of complex phosphorus-containing fertilizers, and inorganic synthesis products.

JSC “Grodno Azot” is one of the biggest enterprises in Belarus, which can maximally provide needs of domestic agribusiness complex in nitrogen mineral fertilizers, and provide the chemical industry of the country in caprolactam, methanol, and other types of products.

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