President of the SCIF Congress Company – Leonid Khalimon and General Director of the Kemerovo JSC Azot – Igor Bezukh signed the Memorandum about cooperation and interaction.

According to the document, the signatory companies will discuss the current issues of the production enterprise with a possibility to search for solutions, and open them to the international community at scientific and technical SCIF Congress event.

The parties noted the high strategic level of relations between SCIF Congress and Kemerovo JSC Azot  and came to an agreement to discuss issues aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of innovative personnel potential of enterprises.

Thanks to joint efforts aimed at developing the mineral fertilizer industry, SCIF Congress and Kemerovo JSC Azot are planning to improve the quality of information and professional exchange between manufacturing enterprises around the globe.

Kemerovo JSC Azot – is a powerful production complex, which consist of 50 main and additional plants. The company steadily operates and dynamically develops, annually implementing rich investment programs for technical re-equipment, the introduction of the latest technologies to improve product quality and production safety, and reduce the negative impact on the environment.

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