The President of SCIF Congress Company Leonid Halimon and the First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Production Director Rikhsibay Uzakov have signed the Memorandum about cooperation and interaction, regularizing the common interests of the Parties in developing the international mineral fertilizers industry.

This agreement will allow companies to foster their efforts most effectively on cooperation in solving pressing production issues and developing scientific and technical potential with coverage of these topics at SCIF Congress events.

Within the concluded Memorandum, SCIF Congress and Maxam-Chirchiq JSC will strengthen their cooperation on implementing the best business practices in the mineral fertilizers industry.

Maxam-Chirchiq JSC has been the largest producer of mineral fertilizers and other chemical products in Uzbekistan for over 80 years. There is the only catalyst production facility in Uzbekistan which is a part of Maxam-Chirchiq JSC. At present, the enterprise produces more than 40 types of products, which are widely used in many industries and are exported to the CIS countries, as well as to the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Iran, Turkey, Malaysia and other countries.

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